Save Park Quadrant!

Park and Woodlands Heritage Group urgently need your help to protect one of Glasgow’s architectural gems. Expresso Property have lodged a planning application to remove 100 trees on Park Quadrant and replace these with 98 modern flats. To see just how damaging to the area the plans are click here.

The period for objecting is now over. At the last official count there were 166 letters of objection and 80 letters of support. However the count is not yet final as there are a number of unresolved inconsistencies in the figures and documents posted on the council website. If you want to keep track of this application the following links may be useful:

Among the objections is one from the German Consul General in Scotland, Jens-Peter Voss. On 12 April 2016 he submitted a formal objection from the Federal Republic of Germany to the proposed development of 98 modern flats on a greenfield site in Park Quadrant close to Kelvingrove Park and A-listed Park Circus.

Numbers two and three Park Circus house the Goethe Institut, Germany’s cultural centre in Scotland, which occupies and manages a building owned by the government in Berlin. The Goethe Institut runs language courses for hundreds of students every year and also hosts lectures, exhibitions and other cultural functions.

The German Government’s very detailed objection not only highlights the negative effects of this particular development on the Institut’s activities, but also argues that this residential development on this particular site would be contrary to Development Policy Principle DEV 2, the exact opposite of what Expresso maintain. You can see the German Government’s objection here

But the fight is not over yet, you can still sign our petition here and complain to your councillors, MSPs, MPs when you get the opportunity to do so about anything you think is wrong about the way the Council reached its decision to sell the land. Click here for more information on how to contact your elected representatives.

Write to the papers to express your views.

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